Benefits and Workers Compensation

Disability Insurance

As a dentist your most important asset is your ability to earn a prosperous living. Often dentists are unwittingly putting this asset at risk by overlooking or under-planning for the ramifications of a disabling illness or injury. Protect yourself with a disability insurance plan designed specifically for your occupation. Our plans are true own occupation policies, providing monthly disability benefits if you are unable to perform the duties of your occupation, even if you earn money doing something else. Full coverage to lifetime limit.

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Life Insurance

By working with the strongest portfolio of life insurance companies possible, we provide invaluable assistance to our dentist clients with their business and personal life insurance needs. Between term, whole life, and universal life insurance there are a myriad of choices in the life insurance market. We can help you sort through these choices and analyze your life insurance needs to determine the exact coverage to provide you and your loved ones (or your business) the best protection possible.

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Business Overhead

Office Overhead Expense Disability provides a monthly benefit to reimburse you for the costs of maintaining your dental office during a period of your disability. Many lenders, especially if using an SBA loan, will require this type of insurance – at least in the amount to cover their payments. Covered expenses include but are not limited to: Employee Salaries & Ongoing Benefits, Office Rent or Mortgage Payment, Equipment Loans, Utilities, Ongoing Insurance Premiums, Accounting & Legal Fees, and Office Supplies & Postage.

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Workers Compensation For Dental Offices

Businesses with employees in Idaho must have worker’s compensation insurance. We partner with CNA for workers compensation solutions. The reason is simple. The CNA program is designed with coverage tailored to the needs of the dental practice. This program provides needle stick reimbursement coverage, which reimburses dentists who pay for blood tests performed on patients when there is an accidental needle stick to an employee. This program is available in all 50 states with competitive pricing.

Workers Compensation Information and Application